OneCoin the new cryptocurrency .....

Surely you have already heard something about BitCoin.

In 2008, the success story of these cyber currency began. From 10 US cents in 2008, the value of a BitCoin increased within 5 years in 2013 to a value of about US $ 1,000.
At that time, many have laughed about Bitcoin and only about 380 German households have invested herein. Today there are over 7,000 acceptance points and approximately 100,000 online stores or websites where Bitcoins are accepted as methods of payment.

Those who were there at the beginning, have made a fortune in a short time. Even those who had invested only $ 20, was in possession of 200 BitCoin. For an investment of only $ 20 suddenly emerged $ 200,000.

A few months ago now, the OneCoin has entered the arena. The OneLife/OneCoin become just to be the next big cryptocurrency - and at a breathtaking pace! OneCoin is an overall concept.

Since January 2015, the OneCoin has already risen from 0.5 EUR to currently 7.85 EUR (11/16).

Many experts see crypto currencies than the currency of the future, as well as a huge market in the field of wealth preservation. Krypto currencies operate independently and uninfluenced by private and public financial and banking systems. Thus they are not subject to the risks of this monetary system through monetary devaluation, asset expropriation, blockage of bank accounts or cash ban. Above all, it is an alternative to the existing money.

We are just at the beginning of a gigantic development of OneCoin. OneCoin is a fast growing company with already more than 1.8 million registered members worldwide.

The OneDreamTeam is currently the most dynamic and successful team in Europe. Learn about OneCoin and also the team. We would like to invite to learn about OneCoin hereby - on our website, our online presentations and also visiting the local offline events.